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Sid Sackson, the great game inventor listed this as one of his favorites in a book called A Gamut of Games.

Each player starts with 17 soldiers and one general (the generals are marked with Gs in the diagram). The object of the Blue and the Gray is to be the first to get your general to the center of the board following the path marked with the heavy line one space at a time. Generals can't capture or be captured but they can be blocked by an enemy soldier or by one of their own.

Soldiers can move one space left, right, up or down to anywhere on the board the gray square in the center. They capture by jumping like in checkers but jumping left and right and up and down instead of diagonally. As in checkers, soldiers must take captures. No piece, general or soldier, can move into a space occupied by another piece from its own side.

You can only move one piece per turn, either a general or a soldier. You may want to concentrate on getting your general as far as possible down the path or you might focus on capturing enemy soldiers early on the game. Try different strategies until you find the one that works best.