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There are numerous checkers variants for hexagonal boards, most of which can be played on any six by six by six board. Kruzno Checkers is a fast-moving variant designed specifically for play on a Kruzno board.

Opening: The game starts with twelve pieces positioned as shown.

Moving: When not capturing, pieces can move one space to any adjacent hexagon. (There is no promotion in Kruzno Checkers.)

Border Moves: The shaded outer hexagons of the board are restricted. If a piece moves onto a border space it must move out again on the next move unless blocked by opposing pieces.

Capturing: As in traditional American checkers (a.k.a. British draughts), a piece is captured by jumping over it to an open space immediately beyond the captured piece. Players must take captures. However, given the choice of two or more captures, the player can pick whichever one suits his or her strategy.